Coming out of the Generational Closet

I’ve been wallowing…I haven’t done anything productive recently. I’ve had a pity party table for one for a few days weeks months, is more like it. I’m making changes and I think the proper motivation is a public declaration. I’m tired of my current life; I want something more, something better, something that I can be proud of. For far too long I’ve been telling myself that my problems are so unique and no one understands how my talents are being wasted. Which is pure crap. I am no different than anyone else and that’s okay.

I am a member of Generation Y. I’ve struggled with this notion for a long time. I always thought I was too angsty and rebellious to be anything but Gen X. I like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and was too busy being into thinking about things my peers couldn’t understand. I was appalled at ideas and assumptions older generations put on me. I was angry whenever I was systematically categorized with people of my age. I wanted to scream “don’t you know I’m different, I’m not like them! I’m special damn it!”

And then it hit me… EVERYONE in my generation screams of their special-ness. All of my peers are defined by their special qualities. Where Gen X didn’t want to be categorized together because the man was making the categories. Gen Y doesn’t want to be categorized because that would make them less unique. This individualistic tendency makes older generations uncomfortable. Now, I understand that all of the negative connotations to my generation are made from older generations who don’t understand my need for individuality.

All of this realization is leading me to rethink how I live my life. I’ve become far to passive for my own good. I focus on the here and now because it is my safe zone. I’m comfortable and I know that my current comfort is doing nothing to enhance my future. I feel like I  am in a recovery program. “Hello, my name is Stefanie and I’m a member of Gen Y. I’ve been a member since birth, but it’s taken me 27 years to accept that.” I have to learn to accept my generation and all that it entails. I need to express my uniqueness in ways that I haven’t ever before. I need to become more Gen Y before I can become the Stefanie I want to be.


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