I’m not a marketer; I’m also not an idiot

This first time I wrote it, it was much better and snarkier and funnier and also smarter, but WP decided it was hungry and ate my post. Here’s version 2:


I don’t know what was said yesterday in Mitch Joel’s speech at #social2011 but I’ve heard it’s pretty negative towards GenY. A paraphrase of his statement: “24 year old tattooed and pierced gen-yers are better fit to roll spliffs than think strategically.”


Here’s the thing:


1)      I had to google what the hell a spliff is.

2)      I’m not 24 and glad I’m not.

3)      I don’t do social media strategy and I kinda don’t care about social media strategy.


But I’m pissed. I’m super pissed actually. And I said so on twitter. And today I looked this dude up to see if he clarified anything from his speech, but he didn’t. He was talking to someone today and he said “for the record: not knocking young people and skills. Knocking experience. It takes experience to lead something this huge not…”


Really? Because it sounds like you are knocking young people and their skills. You’re also passing judgment on people who have piercings and tattoos which is really passé. So I tweeted that “Every single tweet from Mitch Joel makes me less and less impressed, because only those with experience can be leaders?” Surprisingly he responded. His comments were pretty unimaginative and the only reason he replied was to try and shut me up.


Here’s what chaps my ass: When I was 24 and had tattoos and piercings, I also had 10 years of work experience.  And while it wasn’t sitting in marketing meetings, I wasn’t “working” in my dad’s office for the summer either. I was interacting with customers who had successfully been marketed to. I was in the real world. Just like I’m sure Mitch was, but at 24 the internet probably wasn’t invented and marketing was done on sheets of papyrus.


But no, Mitch Joel believes that everyone is exactly the same and all young people are incompetent. With my feathers ruffled, I got on my 140 character soap box and was met with the response of telling me to pipe down because that always happens. Every generation is treated that way; it’s just the way it is. (Please tell that to anyone who has ever been discriminated against. “Just the way it is” is my favorite answer to anything ever.)


I find nothing justifiable in grouping people together simply because we all happen to be roughly the same age. Just because I sprang forth from the loins of my mother at roughly the same time as 60 million of my besties doesn’t mean we’re exactly alike. So no, you can’t market to us all the same way, nor can you assume that we all have the same work ethic and drive to succeed. And I’ll be damned if I let you treat me that way.






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tim
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 20:11:27

    Amen!!! I’m buying you a drink for that one!


  2. Meg
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 21:52:28

    Well, I didn’t tell you to pipe down when I said it always happens — you can soapbox all you like. 🙂 My point was that I don’t bother worrying about what people think of my generation, because their dumb ideas don’t define or limit me. I just push until I get there. But I certainly wasn’t speaking of all forms of discrimination at all — I actually don’t think I’d put age discrimination on the same level as gender or race discrimination, though I’m sure it has presented significant frustrations for many. Anyway, my point was less “keep it down!” and more “eff them. Do what you do and push through.” 🙂


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