Home Alone

HHP is gone for 13 out of the next 17 days. I’m sure by the end of it, I’ll miss him but right now I’m reveling in being alone.

Things I’ll do when HHP isn’t around

-Eat at Taco Bell.  It’s not really meat and I’m okay with that.

-Poop with the bathroom door open. (This has nothing to do with eating at Taco Bell) If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend it. It’s another level of pooping freedom.

-Write more. HHP is hands down the most supportive person on the planet. But I’m still too afraid of putting myself out there for him to read what drops out of my head.

-Wear pants around the house. When HHP is here, I don’t wear pants all the time. But when I’m almost 30, eating cereal in my underwear on the couch with the dogs. I feel creepy.

-Do the dishes and other household duties. When it’s the two of us, I can justify being lazy and letting the housework slide. But when it’s just me, I feel guilty.

-Wear his underwear. Sometimes it’s fun to rub my girl-bits all up in his shorts. (HHP doesn’t know I do this)

Things I won’t do when HHP isn’t around

-Talk a lot. I can go hours without opening my mouth but it will end up with me talking out loud to myself at 2am.

-Dance. Having a kitchen dance party all alone is the saddest kind of dance party.

-Vacuum. Yeah, I feel guilty about not having a clean house but not that guilty.

What do you do when your spouse isn’t around? Anything I need to add to my list?


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  1. Stephanie
    May 01, 2011 @ 18:24:29

    When my boyfriend is out of town, I mope a bit. I don’t recommend it. But I guess I take the opportunity to watch chick flicks and other silly shows he doesn’t want to watch. 🙂


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