Make Good Choices

My boss works from 7:30am- 3:30pm, when she leaves for the day she calls out “make good choices.” The story goes that she lived next to a couple that would put their daughter on the school bus every day and tell her to make good choices.

This stuck with my boss, and now it is sticking with me…

except, I’ve been making TERRIBLE choices lately. I’ve been hiding my head in the sand in regards to my job situation. I NEED to apply for jobs but I am really good at ignoring that swinging axe over my head.

This job situation has led to my financial situation, I should be looking to market myself better. (Frankly, I mad a bad choice just now by getting distracted by Food Network Humor)  I wanted to really think about myself and actively improve myself and i didn’t, I totally read the Twilight series (and I REALLY hate myself for reading those)

Well, I’ve spent the last twenty minutes regretting the terrible choices I’ve made and am going to resolve to make good choices. Now I just have to figure out where to start.