Facebook Charitable Donations

Facebook, the internets version of ants overlords, just announced their partnership with 20 nonprofits to start accepting donations on facebook.


It sounds like it should be a knockout for non-profits but I’m skeptical:

  • How soon after a donation is made will the funds go to the NPO?
  • How can the NPO properly thank and acknowledge the donation if made through FB?
  • Wouldn’t you think that if you like the NPO on FB, you’ve already given to that org?
  • Not a lot of NPOs do social right, how are they going to handle this new giving avenue?
  • How could this specifically benefit arts organizations?

This isn’t a game changer, or even an extra life in candy crush (which I could totally use) but a lot of people  use and trust facebook so why wouldn’t this be a viable option?

Let me know in the comments if you’re going to sign up your organization for this?